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Since February, Blue Moon Soup has been hard at work at Kettering's Refraze Studios. We are extremely pleased to announce that on December 27th, our third album, 'Luna', will be released to the masses! This record features over a dozen totally original tunes complete with an allures range of auxiliary accompaniment including strings, keys, banjos, electric guitars, percussion and more. We have taken no shortcuts in the process and are indeed pushing the capabilities and possibilities that a professional studio (and engineer) has to offer.

As we leave the 125 hour mark far in our rear-view and look to get final mixes prepared, we face the blunt realization that is so often faced by individuals in our position. A project such as this is costly to say the least, and while our summer escapades have granted us enough revenues to fund the tracking and recording of 'Luna', not to mention the hiring of studio musicians and album artists, these desolate winter months present new challenges. It is now that we must ask you, our dear, dear friends, fans, and families, to do us the tremendous favor of pre-ordering our latest endeavor.

For the meager sum of $20, you will receive your very own physical copy of 'Luna' along with a limited edition t-shirt to commemorate your selflessness (and our album)! You will also be granted immediate access to one track from 'Luna', aptly named 'Third Time'!

In pre-ordering Blue Mon Soup's new CD and making a short term investment in your future musical well-being, you become intrinsically involved in the production process. December 26th- which appropriately falls on the very same day as our yearly 'Snowflake Soiree' show in Yellow Springs, OH., will be the first opportunity a generous individual such as yourself can to pick up an album and t-shirt. Others who wish to receive their goods by post will have the opportunity to provide an address! Because the release date is right in the thick of holiday season, unless you can attain your items in person locally, we will be distributing said items early in the new year.

Thanks again folks, we get so much enjoyment turning our auditory aspirations into reality; we really couldn't do it without you!

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